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Formal publication: September 2023

Authors: García, A. M., Johann, F., Echegoyen, R., Calcaterra, C., Riera, P., Belloli, L., & Carrillo, F.

Abstract: Automated speech and language analysis (ASLA) is a promising approach for capturing early markers of neurodegenerative diseases. However, its potential remains underexploited in research and translational settings, partly due to the lack of a unified tool for data collection, encryption, processing, download, and visualization. Here we introduce the Toolkit to Examine Lifelike Language (TELL) v.1.0.0, a web-based app designed to bridge such a gap. First, we outline general aspects of its development. Second, we list the steps to access and use the app. Third, we specify its data collection protocol, including a linguistic profile survey and 11 audio recording tasks. Fourth, we describe the outputs the app generates for researchers (downloadable files) and for clinicians (real-time metrics). Fifth, we survey published findings obtained through its tasks and metrics. Sixth, we refer to TELL’s current limitations and prospects for expansion. Overall, with its current and planned features, TELL aims to facilitate ASLA for research and clinical aims in the neurodegeneration arena. A demo version can be accessed here: