Cognitive Neuroscience


Alzheimer’s & dementia (Amsterdam, Netherlands)




Formal publication: September 2021

Authors: D’Antonio, F., Kane, J. P. M., Ibañez, A., Lewis, S. J. G., Camicioli, R., Wang, H., Yu, Y., Zhang, J., Ji, Y., Borda, M. G., Kandadai, R. M., Babiloni, C., Bonanni, L., Ikeda, M., Boeve, B. F., Leverenz, J. B., Aarsland, D., & ISTAART Lewy body dementias Consortia Working Group
Abstract: Dementia with Lewy bodies (DLB) research has seen a significant growth in international collaboration over the last three decades. However, researchers face a challenge in identifying large and diverse samples capable of powering longitudinal studies and clinical trials. The DLB research community has begun to focus efforts on supporting the development and harmonization of consortia, while also continuing to forge networks within which data and findings can be shared. This article describes the current state of DLB research collaborations on each continent. We discuss several established DLB cohorts, many of whom have adopted a common framework, and identify emerging collaborative initiatives that hold the potential to expand DLB networks and diversify research cohorts. Our findings identify geographical areas into which the global DLB networks should seek to expand, and we propose strategies, such as the creation of data-sharing platforms and the harmonization of protocols, which may further potentiate international collaboration.