Cognitive Neuroscience


Alzheimer’s & dementia : the journal of the Alzheimer’s Association




Formal publication: May 2024

Authors: Sosa AL, Brucki SM, Crivelli L, Lopera FJ, Acosta DM, Acosta-Uribe J, Aguilar D, Aguilar-Navarro SG, Allegri RF, Bertolucci PH, Calandri IL, Carrillo MC, Mendez PAC, Cornejo-Olivas M, Custodio N, Damian A, de Souza LC, Duran-Aniotz C, García AM, García-Peña C, Gonzales MM, Grinberg LT, Ibanez AM, Illanes-Manrique MZ, Jack CR Jr, Leon-Salas JM, Llibre-Guerra JJ, Luna-Muñoz J, Matallana D, Miller BL, Naci L, Parra MA, Pericak-Vance M, Piña-Escudero SD, França Resende EP, Ringman JM, Sevlever G, Slachevsky A, Suemoto CK, Valcour V, Villegas-Lanau A, Yassuda MS, Mahinrad S, Sexton C.

Abstract: Introduction: While Latin America (LatAm) is facing an increasing burden of dementia due to the rapid aging of the population, it remains underrepresented in dementia research, diagnostics, and care.

Methods: In 2023, the Alzheimer’s Association hosted its eighth satellite symposium in Mexico, highlighting emerging dementia research, priorities, and challenges within LatAm.

Results: Significant initiatives in the region, including intracountry support, showcased their efforts in fostering national and international collaborations; genetic studies unveiled the unique genetic admixture in LatAm; researchers conducting emerging clinical trials discussed ongoing culturally specific interventions; and the urgent need to harmonize practices and studies, improve diagnosis and care, and use affordable biomarkers in the region was highlighted.

Discussion: The myriad of topics discussed at the 2023 AAIC satellite symposium highlighted the growing research efforts in LatAm, providing valuable insights into dementia biology, genetics, epidemiology, treatment, and care.